Dr. Paul BeasantDr. Paul started in show business at a very young age, working successfully as a professional hand model primarily for mild dish washing detergents and engagement rings.

Puberty, and the resultant knuckle hair, brought that phase of his career to an abrupt end.

After a less-than-successful attempt at training as Principal in erotic ballet in Austria, he scored his first big commercial success in Asia. Beating all the odds – he’d long been told he possessed the proverbial “face for radio” – a chance encounter with a TV producer on a Thai-owned megaycht resulted in his hosting the long-running game show, “Pie Abnam Krup”.

(Loosely translated, it means: “Go Take a Shower, Please” – in keeping with the state of the contestants following their negotiation of a rather messy obstacle courses).

After dominating the ratings from Hong Kong to Singapore, The Doctor decided to leave on a high note*, and in the mid-aughts decided to leave his show behind and return to his native Canada.

*Sadly, the show was cancelled shortly after Dr. Paul’s departure, as his replacement – retired Indonesian Dictator Suharto – alienated many viewers when he insisted on naming himself the winner after each show.

For his first few years back in his home & native land, Dr. Paul mostly shunned the spotlight, choosing instead to focus his creative efforts on writing. His best-selling book, “How To Train Your Dog Kid©”, is still considered by many to be the definitive work on rearing young’uns in the 21st century.

With 2010 approaching, he decided it was time to get back in front of the camera. He had his agent at CAA pull some strings, and a meeting was set up with one of the founders of virtual broadcaster Haligonia.

A pitch was honed with the help of a hand-picked team of PR experts, clinical psychologists, and a registered hypnotist. When the day came to deliver, Dr. Paul… well… delivered:

“Hey, Ash, I’ve got a good idea: give me a talk show!”

And, the rest is history in the making. “Late Night with Dr. Paul” is rapidly approaching it’s 200th interview; has shot in four countries, including PEI; and boasts literally dozens of fans around the world.

The future looks brighter than ever, as this award-winning show makes its way to the top of the ratings !

Remember: It’s not Late, and he’s not a Doctor!